Visual Identity

The new logo of PPGI was designed by Prof. José Ricardo Cereja(DIA/UNIRIO) ( |

According to Prof. Cereja: “The activities of the Graduate Program in Computer Science, mainly research, knowledge production and innovation, guided the creation of this logo, also converging to the playful meaning of the three lines of research of the program: Knowledge and Reasoning Representation; Distribution and Networks; and Business Support Systems.The design suggests, through the symbol form, the dynamic exchange of data, information that integrates and interacts, in a continuous movement to generate high-level knowledge.”

This concept was expanded by the PPGI/UNIRIO committee, suggesting that the new logo represents the lines of research of the program and interaction between them, as well as showing the constant production of knowledge by its members. In addition, it refers to the original color of the PPGI/UNIRIO website, paying homage to the program’s history.

Download available logos:

Logo vertical-color.png
Logo vertical-black.png
Logo horizontal-color.png
Logo horizontal-black.png


Come see the Graduate Program in Informatics (PPGI) at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). PPGI-UNIRIO is the first Graduate Program in Brazil with an emphasis on Information Systems.