Paulo Sergio Medeiros dos Santos

Permanent Professor of PPGI
Research Line: Business Support Systems
Started at PPGI: 01/2023
Work regime: 40h Full time

Paulo Sergio Medeiros dos Santos has PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering from COPPE / UFRJ. He is currently an editor of the Experimental Results and the Electronic Journal of Scientific Initiation. His research is focused on evidence-based practice in Software Engineering, both in conducting primary studies (such as software inspection and refactoring source code) and secondary studies (such as software reference architecture and Kanban). It has particular emphasis on research methodology in Software Engineering, which is oriented to the topic of technology transfer between academia and industry. Associated with these topics, he develops research in the formalization of scientific knowledge, computational infrastructures for evidence-based practice, education in Computing and philosophy of science. He remains professionally active in the state of practice in software development, with specialization in web system architectures and software testing.